Not Your Typical Café

"The time has come to rethink coffee,"
"We stand at a turning point, fork in the road, a sea change at least as dramatic
as the tidal wave of espresso that washed over America a generation ago."
—Jeffrey Steingarten (Vogue magazine) in search of our nation's finest cup of coffee.

The Bombastic mission: create a coffee house utopia where coffeeholics can rediscover American coffee in its unbastardized unblended raw strength. Single origin specialty coffees; the type that your father said would grow hair on your chest. Coffees that set the industrial revolution on fire. Coffees that fueled the rise and fall of empires. Coffees that illuminate the mind and foretell, even incite, social change. Our methods differ from the Status Quo: we offer a truly alternative focus, The Coffee, not the syrups, not the blends, or the theatrics. Mid-Century pour over coffee brewed American style for the adult in us.

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