Mission Statement

Our mission starts with a simple premise: Orwell got it right!
We're living in an age where telling the truth is so outrageous, it's Bombastic; and demanding the truth, well that's a conspiracy.

Is this too blunt?

The status quo has its mission: coffee addiction, and propagating the unconscious consumer, health be dammed. There's hard science underlying that statement. It’s the dark soul of the food industry.

Our mission is coffee, community, and consciousness. Our trek begins with small truths.
Here's our deal: we'll write about products, and provide the analytics and make the comparison in a language that informs your purchase decisions. Our primary research is coffee and its drug attributes. Our belief is that properly grown, selected, and processed coffee has a higher calling than sending us off to work. Our focus studies coffee's natural psychotropic properties and how best to find/release these qualities for the “aha” moment.

Are coffees trending on par with the wine industry?
Philosophically we don't agree with that analogy or that it's an elevation of coffee’s stature. No doubt its merchant priests see it elevating their price points. Our goal is the best possible coffee with the highest possible attributes and ...

Above All Else Truth In Advertising
by its Founder

Our Vision

Our vision is born of Mid Century idealism: a time when we were one step away from the moon and two from the stars! Think turn of the century industrial design meets atomic age chromatic equipment with dazzling anodized merchandise exhibited as it was intended to seen, in use. Our exhibit space is where science meets art and - shockingly - people meet people. Bombastic Cafe aspires to create a stimulating art gallery environment and showcase the coffee house as theater rather than taking a coffee house and decorating it with craft posing as art.

Bombastic Fantastic People
Art Gallery, Event Space

Conceptually Speaking

Conceptually speaking, a coffee house emporium that's a soapbox community of speakers, authors, and the curious. A contrarian hangout where armchair warriors cross swords ala My Dinner with Andre and aspire to become provocateurs. A social, ultra-caffeinated environment that supports freedom of expression among friends and strangers alike.

In All Things Served Be Bombastic

The Bombastic Standard

A business culture that provides goods and services with quality, consistency, and simplicity, that both respectfully informs and appeals to the adult palate.

Less Is More; Quality Is Everything